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Lunch is on me!

Meet with me on February 11 in Wooster and I will buy a nice Starbucks lunch for us all. Why? To introduce you to the world on online marketing for your business. You may think online marketing for your business is too complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. Working with an agency can make it much, much easier, faster and more profitable than you ever thought. Join me as experts from Google.. Read More

Why the Squirrel?

People ask me why the squirrel? Why would you choose such a lowly rodent for your company name and mascot? What’s a squirrel have to do with Internet Marketing? Squirrels don’t get a lot of respect in some quarters, but here in Kent, OH and a few other places, they are something of a local icon. Squirrels have a lot of admirable qualities I would want in any business partner… Read More