Meet with me on February 11 in Wooster and I will buy a nice Starbucks lunch for us all.

Why? To introduce you to the world on online marketing for your business. You may think online marketing for your business is too complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. Working with an agency can make it much, much easier, faster and more profitable than you ever thought.

Join me as experts from Google reveal how online tools can both get you new customers and make your existing customers more active and loyal (and thus more valuable!)

Here are the speakers at the event:


Todd Rowe Managing Director - Global Channel SalesTodd Rowe

Managing Director – Global Channel Sales

Leveraging Technology to Thrive

Todd will talk about how small businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors through digital marketing.

Fred Vallaeys AdWords EvangelistFred Vallaeys

AdWords Evangelist

Advertise your business online

Fred will cover how small businesses can navigate the web and expand their online presence through smarter insights.


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